Thinking with Dub Cinema Reader

For the programme Thinking with Dub Cinema, curated with Kodwo Eshun and Louis Henderson in the context of Courtisane festival 2024 (27 – 31 March) and the the research project Echoes of Dissent (KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts Gent), we compiled a reader which can be found here.


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汾阳的喧嚣 Ironic Resonance, Anti-sound Design and Radical Cacophony in Jia Zhangke’s 小 Xiao 武 Wu

The interrogation of the relationship between cinema and politics is predominantly associated with the visual domain, where the politics of the audio-visual is all too often reduced to the politics of the image. The publication series Echoes of Dissent aims to parry the hegemony of the eye, and subsequent disregard for the ear, by examining the relationship cinema–politics from a sonic perspective.

Echoes of Dissent #2: 汾阳的喧嚣 Ironic Resonance, Anti-sound Design and Radical Cacophony in Jia Zhangke’s 小 Xiao 武 Wu by Morgan Quaintance. Published by Courtisane in March 2024.

The publication series is initiated and edited by Stoffel Debuysere, in the context of the research project with the same title at KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts Ghent.

Publication available via Courtisane bookshop

Shadows of the Unseen / Movement Radio 37

37th episode of “Shadows of the Unseen” for Athens. Aired April 2024

1. Herbert Distel, Die Reise (radioplay 1988, remixed)
2. Richard Teitelbaum, Asparagus I (from Asparagus, Suzan Pitt, 1979)
3. Bridget Hayden, Sam Racker, David Orphan, TV Terror Land (collage of clips from B-movie horror films selected from 60s/70s/80s)
4. Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier, Le Couple (from La Messe pour le temps présent, Maurice Béjart dance piece, 1967)
5. Jacki Apple, The Mexican Tapes (For Super 8 color film and 8-track stereo mix tape, 1979)
6. Maya Hardinge, David Louis Zuckerman, Penny OST (from Penny, Maya Hardinge, 2017)
7. Murcof, Eugenio (from La Sangre Iluminada, Ivan Duenas, 2009)
8. Excerpt from Soleil Ô (Med Hondo, 1967)
9. Excerpt from Aguaespejo granadino (José Val del Omar, 1955)
10. Hero Wouters, Beginner’s Guide (from Een zaak van leven of dood, George Schouten, 1983)
11. Robert Wyatt, Solar Flares Burn for You (from Solar Flares Burn for You, Arthur John, 1973)

Urbanmag interviews

In the beginning of the 2000’s a group of friends started what was then one of the first online cultural magazines in Dutch speaking Belgium: Urbanmag. I wrote quite a few pieces on music and cinema for the magazine, and organised a series of associated events entitled “Page 3ree”. The magazine has been offline for a while now, but some of the content can still be found via the Wayback machine — including interviews with musicians and composers I still hold in high esteem, such as Phill Niblock (his recent passing was the reason why I went looking for the pages), Christian Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Rafael Toral, David Grubbs, Jim O’Rourke, or Stuart Braithwaite, as well as now disbanded Belgian projects like Géographique, Galacticamendum, Thou, Ovil Bianca, and De Portables.