Urbanmag interviews

In the beginning of the 2000’s a group of friends started what was then one of the first online cultural magazines in Dutch speaking Belgium: Urbanmag. I wrote quite a few pieces on music and cinema for the magazine, and organised a series of associated events entitled “Page 3ree”. The magazine has been offline for a while now, but some of the content can still be found via the Wayback machine — including interviews with musicians and composers I still hold in high esteem, such as Phill Niblock (his recent passing was the reason why I went looking for the pages), Christian Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Rafael Toral, David Grubbs, Jim O’Rourke, or Stuart Braithwaite, as well as now disbanded Belgian projects like Géographique, Galacticamendum, Thou, Ovil Bianca, and De Portables.

Echoes of Dissent (Vol. 1) documentation (raw audio)

2 JUNE, 2023 – 3 JUNE, 2023
Sound of Politics, Politics of Sound: conversations and sonic entanglements

This is the first iteration of a series of gatherings gravitating around the question: How to think of the sonic as a site of dissent?

This two-day program proposes to think and experience the sonic as a site of refusal, insurgency and world-making. How could a poetics of the undercommons sound like? How to make it re-sound? How can we shape modes of fugitive listening and forms of attunement attending to sonic practices that refuse the call to order? How can we organize collective discursive spaces where we can share and expand the emancipatory operations performed by sound and music?

Listening Sessions with Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective (Dhanveer Brar Singh, Louis Moreno, Paul Rekret, Edward George).

Through sonic and discursive contributions, the listening sessions engage with a text entitled “the form of things unknown,” which is the introduction to Stephen Henderson’s anthology Understanding the New Black Poetry: Black Speech and Black Music as Poetic References (1973). Drawing inspiration from Henderson’s portrayal of “the other side of the tradition” of black poetry, the sessions propose to collectively draw out our own “unwritten songs, rhythms and speech”.

Listening Session with Rokia Bamba, Bhavisha Panchia and Hannah Catherine Jones

Kodwo Eshun lecture on the aesthetic of Black Industrialism in the work of Trevor Mathison and more particular in Expeditions: Signs of Empire by the Black Audio Film Collective (1983).