Shadows of the Unseen / Movement Radio 38

38th episode of “Shadows of the Unseen” for Athens. Aired May 2024

1. Marceau Boré, Générique (from Schoon Donker, Katrien Feyaerts, 2019)
2. Hero Wouters, Tussen de Muren (from Tussen de muren, Willem-Koos Broer, 1980)
3. Sheida Gharachedaghi, Awareness of The Dying (from Chess of the Wind, Mohammad Reza Aslani, 1976)
4. High Risk, Genesis (from Woman to Woman, Donna Deitch, 1975)
5. Riccardo Sinigaglia, Urbana (from Correnti Magnetiche, multimedia project with visual artist Mario Canali, 1989)
6. Tibor Szemző, Eckermann otthon (from Meteo, Monory Mész, 1990)
7. Michele Mercure, Beside Myself (from the play Beside Herself, Pocahontas To Patty Hearst, Independent Eye Theatre Company, 1989)
8. Ralph Lundsten, Helgat Varde Ditt Namn (from the performance Fadervar, choreographed by Ivo Cramer, 1972)
9. Peter Scherer, Camera X (from the performance Essey And Pannes, choreographed by Amanda Miller, 1983)
10. Ennio Morricone, Che Strano (from Una lucertola con la pelle di donna / A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, Lucio Fulci, 1971)
11. Dominic Frontiere, Hammersmith Is Out (Main Title) (from Hammersmith Is Out, Peter Ustinov, 1972)
12. Cavern of Anti-Matter, Terminal Metric (from In Fabric, Peter Strickland, 2018)
13. Philip Sanderson, Spy Garden / Tale Chase (from Telephone Music, 1986)
14. Natalia Beylis, Lost (composed to accompany the exhibition LOST, Annie Hogg, 2023)
15. Lucy Johnson, Vehicle (composed to accompany the installation Propelling Her Shiny Vehicle, Katrina Cowling, 2019)
16. Dan Hayhurst, Monday Service (from Flux Gourmet, Peter Strickland, 2022)