Eliane Radigue at Argos

Eliane Radigue

We’re very happy to have Eliane Radigue at Argos. She’s coming over to attend the performance of Naldjorlak by Charles Curtis (@Argos) on Thursday 4 October, and the lecture by Manu Holterbach (@Q-O2) on Friday 5 October.

A pioneer composer of electro-acoustic music, Eliane Radigue is a remarkable figure in the contemporary experimental music scene. As soon as the early 50s, she was closely related to Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry. From 1970, she started distinguishing herself from other composers by focusing on the new possibilities offered by the first synthesizers. More particularly, she worked with an ARP synthesizer, which became and remains her trademark. Her drone music, a continuous flow of intermingled sound waves, is impossible to ignore and is a major influence to a whole new generation of composers – in France as well as in many other countries.

“Eliane Radigue works with electronic sounds on tape to create an ambience within which sound seems to move in a continual flow around the listener. Her music has been described as “infinitely discreet … next to which all other music seems to be tugging at one’s sleeve for attention.”
–Michel Chion, in Les Musiques Electroacoustiques

Charles Curtis

THU 4 OCTOBER // 20:30 // ARGOS
concert Charles Curtis (cello): ‘Naldjorlak’, a composition by Eliane Radigue for Charles Curtis. in the presence of Eliane Radigue .
+ concert Mika Vainio / Lucio Capece

FRI 5 OCTOBER // 20:00 // Q-O2
lecture Manu Holterbach about Eliane Radigue + opening sound-installation ‘sigma’

Read a nice interview with Eliane on prism-escape