Shadows of the Unseen / Movement Radio 17

Seventeenth episode of “Shadows of the Unseen” for movement_radio Athens. Aired April 2022

1. Excerpts from Ciao! Manhattan (John Palmer, 1972)
2. The Necks, The Boys 1 (From The Boys, Rowan Woods, 1998)
3. Roger Baudet, Comme un distance 1 & 2 (From Comme un distance, Dominique Genton, 1983)
4. K Leimer, The Outpost (From Land Of Look Behind, Alan Greenberg, 1982)
5. Gino Piserchio, Doctor Feelgood (From Ciao! Manhattan, John Palmer, 1972)
6. Lucretia Dalt, Blob on The Lawn + Alien Lullaby (From The Seed, Sam Walker, 2021)
7. David Lynch & Dean Hurley, Slow 30s Room (From Twin Peaks: The Return, Mark Frost, David Lynch, 2021)
8. Dirk Schaefer, Alpsee II (From Alpsee, Matthias Müller, 1995)
9. Bruno Maderna, Reflection in the Night (From La Morte ha fatto l’uovo / Death Laid an Egg, Giulio Questi, 1968)
10. Christaene F., Dave Ball, Genesis P. Orridge, William S. Burroughs, Dream (From Decoder, Jürgen Muschalek, 1984)
11. Goblin, Flashing (From Tenebre / Tenebrae, Dario Argento, 1982)
12. John Carpenter, Alan Horwath, 69th Street Bridge (From Escape from New York, John Carpenter, 1981)
13. Lucretia Dalt, Leonid’s Temple (From The Seed, Sam Walker, 2021)
14. Wendy Carlos, The Rock Mountains + A Ghost Piano (From The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, 1980)
15. Stephan Wittwer – End Title (From Der rechte Weg, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, 1983)
16. Egisto Macchi, Perquisizione (From Nucleo centrale investigative, RAI TV series, 1974)
17. Toshi Ichiyanagi, untitled (From Eros + Massacre, Yoshishige Yoshida, 1969)
18. Pierre Raph/Jane Weaver, La Rose De Fer (From La Rose de Fer / The Iron Rose, Jean Rollin, 1973)