Shadows of the Unseen / Movement Radio 37

37th episode of “Shadows of the Unseen” for Athens. Aired April 2024

1. Herbert Distel, Die Reise (radioplay 1988, remixed)
2. Richard Teitelbaum, Asparagus I (from Asparagus, Suzan Pitt, 1979)
3. Bridget Hayden, Sam Racker, David Orphan, TV Terror Land (collage of clips from B-movie horror films selected from 60s/70s/80s)
4. Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier, Le Couple (from La Messe pour le temps présent, Maurice Béjart dance piece, 1967)
5. Jacki Apple, The Mexican Tapes (For Super 8 color film and 8-track stereo mix tape, 1979)
6. Maya Hardinge, David Louis Zuckerman, Penny OST (from Penny, Maya Hardinge, 2017)
7. Murcof, Eugenio (from La Sangre Iluminada, Ivan Duenas, 2009)
8. Excerpt from Soleil Ô (Med Hondo, 1967)
9. Excerpt from Aguaespejo granadino (José Val del Omar, 1955)
10. Hero Wouters, Beginner’s Guide (from Een zaak van leven of dood, George Schouten, 1983)
11. Robert Wyatt, Solar Flares Burn for You (from Solar Flares Burn for You, Arthur John, 1973)