Wednesday 17 March 2010, Cinema Sphinx, Gent.
Program produced by Courtisane as part of the Courtisane Festival 2010 (Gent, 17 – 21 March 2010). KASK lecture on 16 March (in cooperation with KASK)

David O’Reilly (EI , 1985) is without a doubt one of the rising stars in the animation firmament. Based in Berlin, he evenly divides his valuable energy between commercial work (for, among others, music acts such as U2 and M.I.A.) and utterly personal experimentations which recklessly exploit the potential of 3D computer animation. He regards this medium as a Pandora box which was just recently opened and still needs to be examined. His work primarily explores the creative free zones where the pixels on the screen swing between abstraction and representation, between artifact and image, resulting in a highly original universe that brings together an outspoken artificial form with an emotional impact. “We should forget everything about the idea of right or wrong, of beauty and ugliness, and focus on the idea of coherence.” His “turbodrama” Please Say Something was awarded a Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2009.

David didn’t reveal a lot about his plans for this evening: “I realized I will be playing a lot of stuff which doesn’t have a known origin, some early animation and strange found things i’ve collected over the years, I dont even know the creator myself …”. We’re really curious!