Shadows of the Unseen / Movement Radio 32

32nd episode of “Shadows of the Unseen” for Athens. Aired November 2023

1. Henning Christiaensen, Fanefjord (From Den Røde Skov (The Red Forest), Ursula Reuter Christiansen, 1986)
2. Anni Hogan, The Clearing Uncleared (From Mountain, Bob Wass, 2012)
3. Black Rain, Night City Tokyo (originally composed for Johnny Mnemonic, Robert Longo, 1995)
4. Clock DVA, Fragment Of Hysteria (From Fragment Of Hysteria, Charcot Institute, 1980) 
5. Cindytalk, Debris Of A Smile (From Madrigal, Jonathan Barowitz, 2005)
6. Linus Hillborg, Atlashamnen (From Orphan Works, Linus Hillborg, 2019)
7. Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Identikit Arkaden Seance (From Phantom Kino Ballett, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, 2018)
8. Anni Hogan, Attitude (From Mountain, Bob Wass, 2012)
9. Ethan Rose, Song One (From Paranoid Park, Gus Van Zant, 2007) 
10. Henning Christiaensen, The Red Forest (From Den Røde Skov (The Red Forest), Ursula Reuter Christiansen, 1986)
11. Steve Roden, Truth is the Bell (From Light Forms (Music For Light Bulbs And Churches), Steve Roden, 2002)
12. Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch, Slow Speed Orchestra 2 (originally composed for Twin Peaks, Mark Frost and David Lynch, 1990 – 1991)
13. Zoviet France, The Fire of Revolution (From dance production Designer Body, Ballet Lorent, 2008)