Happy Days

Simon Ruschmeyer sent us some images he took after the conferences ‘Video Vortex’ and ‘Media, Memory & the Archive’. Having dinner with the crew and the guests (nah, we don’t believe in the ‘backstage’ idea. We believe in good oldfashioned hospitality)



With only a few days to go, the Argos programme OPEN ARCHIVE #1 has been very succesful, thanks to you all. Thank you so much for being there. We had a great time, and we hope you had too.

But, as they say, all good things come to an end. The end of this programme also marks the departure of six Argos staff members, who have been around for quite a long time (Fredji, Anke, Stoffel, Maria, An and Rebekka).

And of course, we can’t leave without saying goodbye – in style.
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10TH. VENUE: www.la-chocolaterie.be

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Video Vortex reports

Masters of Media (University of Amsterdam) visited the Video Vortex conference at Argos (5 october 2007) and published some reports:

1. Truth, meaning and Peter Horvath @ Video Vortex
2. Video Vortex Screening
3. The Artist Moving (through) the Web @ Video Vortex
4. Tomas Rawlings and Ana Kronschnabl @ Video Vortex
5. Deleuze vs. YouTube: Adrian Miles @ Video Vortex
6. Lev Manovich on User Generated Content @ Video Vortex