Do you remember future?


By Bojan Vasić

Written in Belgrade, August 2014, after a screening of ‘Do you remember revolution?’ by Loredana Bianconi. Translation from Serbo-Croat to English by Jovana Savic. Loredana will be our guest for a DISSENT! session on 16 October.

This is not one of the films I am used to. This one has no subject but rather an experience talked about by four collocutors. What we have in front of us are, simply, the

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Straub on Pasolini


Written on 26 January 1981 in Rome, addressed to Jean Narbori for the Cahiers du Cinéma Hors Série on Pasolini.

Dear Jean,

This is what has touched us in some films, happy few, of P.P.P. :

Gib mir dabei, mein Gott! ein Samariterherz,
Daß ich zugleich den Nächsten liebe
Und mich bei seinem Schmerz
Auch über ihn betrübe,
Damit ich nicht bei ihm vorübergeh
Und ihn in seiner Not nicht lasse.
Gib, daß ich

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