Response to an invitation


One fine day you find yourself being invited to propose some films for a program of screenings and discussions dealing with the “return of Marxism”. How can one who has never read Marx respond to this kind invitation? Indeed, the notion of Marxism seems to have regained a new force of attraction and legitimacy, even - or especially - for those who have come after the insurgence and the subsequent dissolution of

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Politique des auteurs, what is left of it


By Jacques Rancière

Originally published as ‘La politique des auteurs, ce qu’il en reste’, in Cahiers du cinéma, n° 559, July-August 2001.

A final word, young man. Face to face, fine, but in society, in public, don’t ever talk about cinema. Never ever. It shows a lack of taste, a terrible lack of taste. And yet, Louis Skorecki talks about it every day in the Libération. It’s just that he’s not a young

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